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How to use Windows PowerShell to find a process and kill it

This is going to be a simple and strait forward example on finding and killing a process using windows powershell. For the example we are going to start and kill the cmd process.

This is a example to find cmd (command prompt)

tasklist | findstr cmd

Use the selected id to kill the process

Stop-Process -id 12256

How to use Windows Terminal to copy files and folders.

Use cmd (command prompt) to copy files and folders.
It’s nice to know how to use the command line to do basic stuff. If you need to create a task scheduled copy/paste job this is going to be very useful.

// go to file or folder dir cd Desktop // list file or folder dir // copy file or folder xcopy file.txt file2.txt xcopy folder1 folder2\
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The best free screen recorder and color picker ShareX

After going round and round the internet I finally found a great and free software to create my desktop recordings , screenshots and even a color picker. If you need a fast, easy, secure and reliable screen recorder – look no further!

website: https://getsharex.com

license: free

Резултат с изображение за „sharex“
Резултат с изображение за „sharex“
Резултат с изображение за „sharex“

How to stop windows 10x sending data to microsoft (disabling telemetry altogether)

Here we are going to use the built in Mircosoft Windows 10 – Registry Editor to add a new dword and we are going to stop all telemetry (sending statistics to microsoft)