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➥ PHP Extract Text From String
Added by sonik on 27-06-2018 and keywords: php, extract, text, between, words, string, substr, stripos [ Print Article ]
If you have a string like "here is my school" and you want to get only "is my" witch is between "here" and "school" this function is for you.
function extract_unit($string, $start, $end){
$pos = stripos($string, $start);
$str = substr($string, $pos);
$str_two = substr($str, strlen($start));
$second_pos = stripos($str_two, $end);
$str_three = substr($str_two, 0, $second_pos);
$unit = trim($str_three); // remove whitespaces
return $unit;

$output = "left side of string THIS IS WHAT WE EXTRACT right side of string";
$unit = extract_unit($output, 'left side of string', "right side of string");
echo $unit;

And here is the result:

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