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➥ Ssh display a banner page when logging
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Display a Banner

If you want to try to scare novice attackers, it can be funny to display a banner containing legalese. This doesn't add any security, because anyone that's managed to break in won't care about a "no trespassing" sign--but it might give a bad guy a chuckle.

To add a banner that will be displayed before authentication, find this line:

#Banner /etc/

and replace it with:

Banner /etc/

This will display the contents of the /etc/ file, which you should edit to your taste. If you want to display the same banner to SSH users as to users logging in on a local console, replace the line with:

Banner /etc/issue

To edit the banner itself try

pico /etc/

Then one restart
service sshd restart

This is what is going to happen when you try to connect to the server via ssh.

# ssh

|-TEST |
|-TEST |
root@yourserver's password:

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