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How to use Windows Terminal to copy files and folders.

Use cmd (command prompt) to copy files and folders.
It’s nice to know how to use the command line to do basic stuff. If you need to create a task scheduled copy/paste job this is going to be very useful.

// go to file or folder dir cd Desktop // list file or folder dir // copy file or folder xcopy file.txt file2.txt xcopy folder1 folder2\
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How to make a bootable windows 10 usb flash drive using cmd

1.Plug in USB
2.cmd as administrator
4.list disk
5.select disk # (replace # with USB disk number)
6.clean (to clean USB)
7.create partition primary (to create a bootable partition)
8.select partition 1 (to select the partition that you just created)
10.format fs=fat32 (or format fs=ntfs for more than 4 GB) (to format the USB drive)
12.exit (exit diskpart)
13.copy all files from ISO and paste it inside the USB drive